botstore Automate - Good Morning Report

This bot sends you a daily excel report that helps you obtain vital information about your system such as the task and workflows results, global triggering status, next run, workflow status, and agent status.


・API integration should be active within Automate Options (Go to Options → Server Settings → API Integration → Activate “Turn RESTful API on”)
・If you have changed the administrator password, you should specify it inside the task
・Connection parameters to your Automate DB

You can use this bot to:

・Learn how to use Automate APIs
・Learn how to decode a JSON
・Obtain information from your own database

This task is compatible with:

Automate Ultimate 11.2 and greater
Automate Plus 11.2 and greater
Automate Desktop 11.2 and greater

Automate Bots are the result of our experience training and implementing Automation initiatives for our customers. All the configurations are maintained by HelpSystems Professional Services. If you need our help to configure a bot, please complete the form here.

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