botstore Google Drive - Export Google Sheets from Excel INPUT

This bot is based in the Google Drive API. It exports/converts the files listed in the Google Sheets INPUT Excel file provided with this task by executing the “files” HTTP GET method. After completion, the Excel file is updated with the result of the execution for each Google Sheet set to be exported. You will be able to set the format to which you want the Google Sheets to be converted to and download.

The Google API’s token is specifically generated with information from the server or pc where it will run. Is mandatory to configure the Google Spreadsheet API’s token on each agent where it will run.

You can use this bot to:

  • Export documents from Google Drive in different formats
  • Set file format to export

This task is compatible with:

  • Automate Ultimate 11.2 and greater
  • Automate Plus 11.2 and greater
  • Automate Desktop 11.2 and greater

【Botstoreご利用条件】 当Botstoreで提供するサンプルタスクはHelpsystems社が提供するサンプルを日本語化したものです。 Helpsystems社および三和コムテック株式会社は本サンプルタスクの動作を保証するものではありません。